Midlands & Leicester sash window specialist


The replacement of original sash windows should be the last resort.


At TPS we have developed a restoration process that can repair, decorate and refurbish any original window. The system has been evolved over many years and has been developed into a system that works and saves £££££!.


The fact is that the restoration of original windows is not the easy option. Replacement is much more profitable for the suppliers, less complex and causes less comebacks. Most of our competitors are focused on replacement as a goal to financial gain.


We, at TPS, believe that the company that makes a stand against such actions will be at the forefront of English Heritage defence. We have a proven track record in the conservation of original sash windows and will stand in the gap as long as we are able.


 But the fact is that the "greenest" option is to keep your original sash windows intact and save  money its a win win situation.


So, STOP, please don't replace! Rather contact us and we will advise you on a cost effective way to restore and refurbish your original sash windows. 

Please there can be 1% of windows that we work on that can cost more to repair and we would always advise on this and supply and fit a new set of sashes our a complete window if necessary but this is very rare and always the last resort.