Midlands & Leicester sash window specialist

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Our prices are very competitive, at times even as much as 45% cheaper than our competitors.  We manage to achieve this, without cutting any corners on the quality of our work. 



Box Sash Window / Recondition & Draught Seal 

Designed to leave your sash windows fully functioning as they were intended, but without the age old problems of cold draughts and rattles

Overhaul of both box and sashes including; 

Discreet draught strips, machined into the sash window components 

Replacement of sash cords 

Repair of any loose sash joints 

Refitting of the sashes

Replacement brass catch

Replacement brass sash lifts

Adjustment and service of the weighting mechanism 

 £240 - £400 per sash window

Casement Window / Recondition & Draught Seal 

Discreet draught strips, machined into the window components 

Repair of any loose joints 

Refitting of the casement

Service the hinges

 £80- £120 per opening light.